People with banderols eg. No USA military bases
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 20.12.2023
The most dramatic aspect concerning Finland's sovereignty in the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) is that troops and weapons systems will be brought here whose use will be decided by the US and, if it so wishes, exclusively by the US, says Yrjö Hakanen chair of the Helsinki district committee of the CPF.
Tiina Sandberg speaks in Izmir meeting.
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 21.10.2023
Intervention of Communist Party of Finland to the 23rd International Meeting of Communist and Workers´Parties which general secretary Tiina Sandberg presented in Izmir.
Ei militarismille ei Natolle kuva Emma Grönqvist
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 08.05.2023
Now is the time for peace policy initiatives and the strengthening of the anti-war movement! Resolution adopted by the Congress of the Communist Party of Finland (CPF), 11-12 June 2022 can be found in english from our document page.
Petra Packalén speaking at the Congress of The CPF in the summer of 2022
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 01.03.2023
The Communist Party of Finland (SKP) has nominated 65 candidates in the upcoming 2023 Parliamentary elections held on sunday 2nd of April. The party's campaign slogan is Money for welfare, not weapons!
Jiri Mäntysalo talking in European Left congress in Vienna.
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 16.12.2022
Ongoing militarization is affecting, and will affect in the future, to young people's feel of security. Militaries and right-wing media are aggressively feeding the non-critical thinking for youth, said SKP´s vice chairperson Jiri Mäntysalo in European Left Congress in Vienna.