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R e c o r t e s // L e i k k a u k s e t// b o d ( I E S)

26.07.2018 - 18:00
  • La Colectiva, Vastavirta-festival

La Colectiva’s art work, R e c o r t e s // L e i k k a u k s e t// b o d ( I E S) is a real size human collage built from bits, chunks, bites, shivers, slices, and crumbs from four separate bodies, four separate lives. . This piece is a critical reaction to the violence that is exercised by the current ”systems” or “decision makers” in society. La Colectiva’s member Martina Miño Pérez describes these system (s) as ”not to be completely visible, but permanently hostile.”

La Colectiva´s artwork is an archive of experiences of loss and experiences of gain. It presents the body as a territory of public and bureaucratic dispute and at the same time, it shows it as a landscape of intimacy.

- This is a new and at the same time old body. It is built from what we left behind, what was taken away from us and what it is still, being taken away from us. The scars are everywhere, but the body still holds itself together, through our collectivity. There is something being built, on top of this rugged, imperfect and uneven territory” comments La Colectiva.

- This piece frames the act of cutting as a legislative and at the same time anatomical procedure, where ”the structure we inhabit, extracts, lacerates and wounds freely the bodies that move around it”, adds La Colectiva member Martina Miño Pérez

- The body we built, the body we are, has been alienated, censored, deported, and always unsafe, clarifies Miño Pérez.

The body, which is presented in the exhibition as a real size human collage, will be surrounded by the cuts that have shaped and defined its borders and its limitations. La Colectiva uses poetry to experiment its relationship with other forms of language and communicate contents that have been silenced or under represented by the hegemonic voices that define marginality and the peripheries. Their experience as artists living abroad has inspired them to talk about themes such as “origin” and “destination”, “home(s)”, and the different faces that identit(ies) can take.

- The stories we tell, and the projects we develop come from our experience as workers of culture and of the arts, and as immigrants. Therefore, we are specially focused on the migratory movements of the Latin American community to Finland. Since the 1970’s the Latin American cultural motor in Finland is powerful but, what is exactly happening inside it? What content is being shaped from within? What motivates it and how are different voices in dialogue with each other? , questions La Colectiva

The Vastavirta (countercurrent) Festival is a collaborative concept of varied civil society organizations. The festival has been held roughly every second year for the last ten years. It is facilitated by the Democratic Civic Association (DSL), the European Left (EL), and the Communist Party of Finland (SKP).

Vastavirta Festival is an European open and political forum for radical activity, progressive collaboration and advocacy by those doing the doing.

The Vastavirta festival will take place from 25 to 26 August 2018 in Arbis, Dagmarinkatu 3, Helsinki.

R e c o r t e s // L e i k k a u k s e t // b o d ( I E S) - La Colectiva Exhibition

Vastavirta-festival, Arbis, Dagmarinkatu 3, 25.-26.8. Saturday-Sunday 10-16 o´clock

Exhibition is free and open for everybody. Welcome!

Artists; La Colectiva; Martina Miño Pérez, Ana Gutieszca, Roxana Crisólogo Correa and Rosamaria Bolom.

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Roxana Crisólogo Correa

Martina Miño Pérez

Rosamaria Bolom


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