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  • Vaaliohjelmat

Election manifesto 2023 - The Communist Party of Finland

21.02.2023 - 16:30


In these elections, we have a series of serious crises to solve: the public services funding crisis, the energy crisis, war, the environmental crisis and the democratic deficit. Responding to them will require a fundamental change in policy direction. 


For peace 

The world is facing a huge crisis. In Europe, its symptom is the war in Ukraine. The war of aggression launched by the Putin regime, in violation of international law, is threatening to escalate and, in the worst case, even lead to the use of nuclear weapons. The capitalist elite and the bourgeois leaders have driven themselves into a dead end: a web of war propaganda and lies. 

The war in Ukraine is also proof that the construction of the European security system failed after the Cold War. It is a showdown between two superpowers, the United States and NATO on the one hand and Russia on the other. As such, it is, in the eyes of some, a prelude to the great war between the United States and China. 

Increasing the number of weapons will not bring peace. Problems are not solved by war. Exporting arms to Ukraine will not bring peace. Nationalism, racism and militarism are on the increase throughout Europe. Ukraine and Russia are a cautionary tale of where these ideas are leading. 

Instead of armament and confrontation, we need broad international cooperation to solve the environmental crisis and other global problems. Finland has valuable experience of this from its previous foreign policy. 

The only way out of the current crisis is peace. Not only peace in Ukraine, but peace in Yemen, Kurdistan, Palestine, Congo, and all crisis areas. We communists are part of the anti-war movement. We see that only peace opens up the possibility of solving the great problems facing humanity. That is why we oppose Finland's membership of NATO and consider the huge arms purchases decided by the present government to be a mistake. We criticise the left-wing parties in the government, which only a few years ago were enthusiastically opposing the Trump policy and are now themselves building a fence on the eastern border. 

Nationalism is a dangerous poison for the labour movement and for humanity. It is a product of capitalism. We communists replace nationalism with international solidarity and cooperation. We demand that Finland return to being a peace-builder and a promoter of negotiations. 

The Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is waging an illegal war of aggression and trampling on the rights of the citizens of his own country. There should be no posturing in front of him and his demands should not be acceded to. 


Let's stop the price rises

Finns have been hit by huge price rises. It is the result of greed on the part of stock market speculators, big business and retail chains. Speculators are taking advantage not only of the war in Ukraine but also of various natural disasters and deregulation of the markets. 

We will not be starved. The price of electricity, food and housing does not rise by itself, but is increased in order to increase profits. 

We want to abolish the systems that drive speculation. Tax away unearned profits and use them to finance the functioning of society. We need rent regulation to keep housing prices affordable. We need to legislate for price caps to guarantee affordable consumption for all. By making the bourgeoisie and speculators pay their fair share, we can afford everything we need.  

We call for a change in income distribution, with profits cut and large capital incomes and wealth taxed. Workers' wages must also be increased. 

Life need not be a constant struggle for survival. No one is forced to sacrifice everything for paid work. The economy must be for the people, not the other way round. 


The environmental crisis must be solved 

The world cannot sustain the capitalist system, that is built on the endless consumption of natural resources. It is unsustainable not only for nature, but also for human beings. The constant rush, the culture of disposable goods and the unnecessary needs created by advertising do not bring happiness. 

Climate change will lead to more extreme weather events. Mass extinctions of species are disrupting irreplaceable ecosystems. Soil degradation, loss of pollinators, droughts and floods will deprive us of the means to feed ourselves. Pollution leaves us without drinking water and clean air. If the destruction of the environment continues, it will eventually destroy humanity. 

We must reduce our consumption of natural resources. The damage must be repaired so that those who have benefited most from the destruction of the environment are made to pay. Not so that the poorest suffer. The earth has sufficient resources to provide a decent standard of living for all, as long as they are distributed fairly. 


Safeguarding the funding of public services 

Alongside peace and a clean environment, public services are the most important contributor to well-being. Their funding is in crisis because of tax policies that favour the rich. 

We call for an increase in the level of state funding for welfare regions and municipalities. We also call for an improvement in the wages and working conditions of public service workers. 

Future generations will be brought up in quality early childhood care and education. Health care keeps people fit to function as members of society. Good care for the elderly is a matter of honour. Investing in adequate resources in public services pays for itself.  

An ecological lifestyle and good basic services are inextricably linked. Through them, we can pave the way towards human survival and ecological socialism. 


For democracy, against corporate power

The power of big business and investors has reduced democracy. Political parties have been reduced to advertising agencies carrying out the will of the market. Parliament resembles an arena for political games. Decision-making power has been transferred to bureaucracy. The Ministry of Finance has increased its power enormously. Ideas of reducing democracy are spreading among society's economic and political elite. 

The NATO debate in Finland this spring is an example of anti-democracy. Parliament and the government relied on opinion polls to implement the NATO project, which had long been promoted by the right. Nor did the media open a proper debate on the supposed benefits and drawbacks of NATO membership. 

All this has led many to lose faith in politics. But we do not want to be mere bystanders to politics. We believe in the ability of the labour movement and civic action to change the world. 


Join us in making a difference! 

Change doesn't start from nothing and many things are already on the move. Young and old alike are standing up for the environment. The peace movement opposes militarism. Nurses and other workers are striking to make things better, not just for their wages. The Kurds and the peace movement are doing what the government dare not: opposing Erdogan's big power ambitions. 

We are living in a moment of upheaval. The political and civil movements, and the parties allied with them, have a transformative power greater than their size. Working together, we can change things for the better. The most burning crises are not solved by government programmes or cabinet meetings. 

The choice in elections is the left - not the right. We need the unity and relentless resistance of all those whose hearts are beating for a better future.