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Putin must stop the war

25.02.2022 - 10:30

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to start a war in Ukraine is totally unacceptable and puts the security of the whole world at stake. The Communist Party of Finland does not approve of this action by Russia in Ukraine. Russia's actions smack of imperialism and Russo-nationalism.  

Putin's statements on the invasion have been heavily nationalistic and militaristic. He has compared the current situation with the German invasion of the Soviet Union in a way that equates NATO with Nazi Germany. But the military threat that Russia faces in no way justifies this attack, and the responsibility lies with Putin and his supporters. Putin has also made statements justifying his actions as being an act against communism.  

An international meeting must be convened immediately in Europe, independently of NATO and the United States, to prepare the ground for peace talks between Russia, Ukraine and NATO. What is needed now are peace initiatives and the involvement of credible countries that are not committed to superpower politics. NATO must also shoulder its responsibility for intensifying the confrontation and refrain from exacerbating the situation with its own actions. We do not want the confrontation between the imperialists to become any more bellicose and damaging than it already is today. 

The most important thing at the moment is to protect the civilian population on both sides of the front line. If necessary, Finland must be prepared to take in refugees fleeing the region who need asylum and to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

Arms exports from Finland to Ukraine are out of the question. Finland cannot be a credible peace-builder if it arms Ukraine.  

What is needed now is an effort by all forces for peace in Ukraine, Russia and the world to stand for peace against war


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