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Need for Nordic Marxist Tool of Collaboration

30.08.2018 - 14:15
(updated: 01.09.2018 - 14:21)
  • JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen, Kalottikokous, Tromssa, Norja

We look for collaboration with those unsatisfied with capitalism. Nneoliberal policy that oppresses workers, makes people voiceless, creates tsunamis, extreme weather conditions, pollution and climate change.   

We look for collaboration with communist parties for ideological debate and better networking and sharing the same challenges we all parties in this concrete situation have 

We look for collaboration with progressive forces because we are Marxist and are not satisfied with criticism, analysis and ideological debate only. We want to bring the policy, the revolution into the streets, into the social media and where the people are 

We look for collaboration because in a good society, in participatory democracy, in socialism and in future communism we need to have extra fine skills of social behavior and understanding of the pluralist needs of workers, genders, identities, professions and minorities and us all.  

 I fully support the Tromsø initiative for Nordic Communist Parties collaboration with progressive forces of our countries. This initiative can function as a first important step to a closer collaboration in between our forces. I see the future possible and wish the Nordic party branches of each party  success in the collaboration 

Local and global challenge  

Today in many areas we have to look beyond the impossible. We must look beyond the beyond privatisation, beyond the militarism that posits other nations as enemies. We must puncture patriarchy and adaptation to the market economy. We must overcome hopeless misanthropy, depression, and disappointment.   

In Finland the cuts made by the Sipilä government resemble the politics of a state of emergency. In recent years we have been forced to bear witness concretely to how neo-liberalism slashes social security and local services, and tramples on worker’s rights. Citizen participation has been cut back, including by cutting the anyway paltry funding of peace organisations. Patriarchy commands minorities to be silent, and women to work in male-dominated sectors on less pay and to get back in the kitchen at home doing unpaid work 

Imperialist wars, climate change, and famine are forcing people from the homes to become refugees and to head for Europe.  

The challenge we face is local and global. Replacing capitalism with the establishment of a different society and form of development is more crucial than ever. Tromsø calotte meeting is a local Nordic party branches yearly initiative. This meeting though will have affect beyond the Arctic Circle to all the directions of the four winds 

We the Nordic communists have the habit to meet yearly in the International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties. Next November 23.-25. We will be debating in Athens Greece, where the Communist party of Greece hosts the 20. the international meeting. Some of us the Nordic Communist Parties met short time ago in the Marx 200 seminar in Shenzhen and in Wanshu development event in China. Communist Party of China has new Marxist policy and initiative of world dialog with the world political parties. Communist Party of Finland is part of the dialogue and participates in thematic meetings. CPF is inspired of the new initiatives of the CPC.   

We the Communist party of Finland us the European Left as a practical and political tool for the collaboration with communist, left and green-left forces in Europe.  We are bringing our policy into collaborative praxis through several working groups organizing seminars, demonstrations and actions. European Left with a wide spectrum of other political, grass root citizen organizations, NGO's, syndicates and mass movements created an European Forum. It started last year 2017 in Marseille, France and later this year in 9.-11. of November we can invite you all in the next European Forum in Bilbao, Bask State, Spain.  

During the last Calotte meeting in Petroskoi 2017 (Петрозаво́дск, Petrozavodsk) I explained the urgent need for any collaboration in between Finland and Russia as a counter cultural and political action against the imperialist propaganda where Russia is seen as a future enemy. Comrade Tatiana Desiatova from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Central Committee took my message seriously. I am happy of the time and understanding of the Communist party of the Russian Federation chairperson Gennadi Andrejevitš Zjuganov. I have since the last Calotte meeting met with many important and inspiring Russian comrades. I have taken part in the Moscow Left Forum and the Moscow Marx 200 seminar. For Your information we are now forming a special group of cadres for Russian issues. Our aim is to be able to invite Russian comrades soon to Finland to have a brain storming meeting of future collaborations 

We communist act locally but our thinking and class struggle is always International. For us it is natural that we support and act in solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and other concretely socialist and left social actors. For us it is both natural and essential to strengthen our support for the struggle for self-determination and statehood by the Palestinian people and the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara.   

In the North Collaboration in between us, the Nordic Communist Parties is very necessary. We need a Marxist Nordic tool that bring our politics to the streets, into the social media and where the people are.  For that we need concrete action that unites us. We have policy that we agree on; we are anti-imperialist and anti-capitalists. We all see the EU structures as structures that oppress workers. There is no question that we are the Nordic antimilitary and anti-NATO-force.   

For Peace  

We can’t tackle the problems of employment and the contradictions of capital with weapons. The main contradiction is the subjugation of work to the diktat of capital. We will get through this battle when we workers start to be aware of our own special place in this common mass struggle. This concretely calls us all to form more close collaboration in the questions of peace. We are the Nordic anti-imperialist Peace position.   

Together with the international peace movement we can fight back the black imperialism and militarism painting white actions of peace. We can show what is behind EU Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), Host Nation Agreement, Jeff, Intervention Initiative of the French and Swedish-Finnish-US military collaboration trilateral Statement of Intent (SOI) and the international military exercises 

I propose that we add peace in the list of topics where to collaborate. I propose an all Nordic countries Nordic Action Day against militarization and Nordic defence cooperation NORDEFCO.  


Festival policy  

The Communist Party of Finland has policy of festivals. Every year we organize a festival. This year we just did Vastavirta-festival. Now we start to prepare our press festival Tiedonantaja-festival 

The Vastavirta (counter current) Festival is a collaborative concept of varied civil society organizations. The festival has been held roughly every second year for the last ten years. It is facilitated by the Democratic Civic Association (DSL), the European Left (EL), and the Communist Party of Finland (SKP)    

Vastavirta-festival is an European open and political forum for radical activity, progressive collaboration and advocacy by those doing the doing 

I propose a Nordic Communist Action for next Vastavirta-festival autumn 2020 in Helsinki. I can be the contact person skp@skp.fi  


Tiedonantaja festival is a bi-annual event that assembles researchers, politicians, artists and citizen activists to find alternative ways out of Europe’s crisis, our one-sided media, and the lack of choice in politics. The programme varies every time including political discussions, art and workshops. I would like to see more Nordic communists to take part in the planning of the festival 

The press festival is organized by the Communist Party of Finland, European Left, The Democratic Civic Association (DSL) and other civic society organizations 

Of the importance of Tiedonantaja-festival talks last Year´s festival where a Finnish Lexit working group of leftist activists and researchers was formed. The group aims to spark debate in Finland for the possibility of Lexit - a Left Exit from the neoliberal and capitalist structures of the European Union, based on principles of internationalism and solidarity 

I suggest that Nordic parties' newspapers start planning a joint event as part of Tiedonantaja-festival autumn 2019 in Jyväskylä. I can function as a contact person for the Nordic communist Papers collaboration for Tiedonantaja-festival. You can reach me skp@skp.fi   

Against Imperialism  

Peoples Movement Assembly is organizing globally actions against imperialism and embargo on Venezuela. The Communist Party of Finland is at the moment debating the initiative to participate in next spring 2019 in a international meeting of giving birth to a new global tool for antimilitary and antiimperialist struggle. I wish to hear if there is similar discussion going on in your countries and if we could form a Nordic delegation for Caracas.  


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