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We need to think beyond of capitalism

07.11.2019 - 14:30
  • We have to act now in order to be able to save environment from most urgent threats, but it is not enough.

- We live in a time when the destruction of the environment and its effects can no longer be ignored. It is clear that mankind must change direction before we destroy ourselves. However, this requires a break away from capitalism, which is still harder for many to imagine than the end of the world, says CPF Secretary General Tiina Sandberg, who will be attending the European Forum in Brussels this weekend.

The initiative of the SKP to discuss in the international forum is to Unmask Green Imperialism. Its core idea is that it is necessary to understand how inadequate it is to try to solve the current environmental crisis only within capitalism. In this attempt, the analysis remains halfway and the reactions to extinguishing the fires. Of course, the extinguishing of fires is most important thing to do, as the environment would not bear to wait for the full revolution to complete when it is drowns in these fires.

- It is essential to enact stricter environmental laws, limit the activities of companies that harm the environment and provide consumers with information on the environmental impact of different products. It is also necessary to get polluting factories and mines act immediately to limit the damage. Various environmental organizations, NGO´s and groups play an important role here, Sandberg emphasizes.

However, she sees the urgent need for a discussion within and inside the environmental movement that extends the scope for action in the direction of system change. It requires the development of the idea of a proletarian environmental movement. With this debate, it is possible to take ”little red lanterns” out of the campfire cirquite of limits of the capitalism and get more people to expand their thinking. This work and discussion is only possible for those who are involved in and participate actively in various environmental movements.

- The aim of the communists is to ask the right questions in the right places, and thus radicalizing the debate. We can also play our part in revealing how companies, and more broadly capitalists, are trying their best to benefit also from the situation created by the environmental crisis. For example, when people are frightened of plastic products, companies move flexibly to pack their products in paper. Not so much because it would be a better solution for the environment, but because there is demand for it and demand creates the opportunity to make a profit, says Sandberg.
The debate and campaigning will continue after the European Forum. In the event in Brussels, signatures are being collected for this initiative aimed at mobilizing various actors to radicalize the debate on the environmental crisis.

The Unmask Green Imperialism Initiative can now be signed globally online at Change.org at  chng.it/2WBkSNv5HT 


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