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Three Flags Speech

17.12.2016 - 23:30

American abstract expressionist Jasper Johns has a painting called “Three Flags Painting”. In that world famous painting there are three similar imperialist flags one on top of the other.

Dear comrades of the European Left Congress,

My speech is a Three Flags Speech.  I wave here with my words and concretely the flags of Communist Party of Finland, European Left Party and the flag of the indigenous peoples of the North of Europe, Saami.

In the US, in the 50´s there was a big discussion about Jasper Johns flag paintings. Big public argued If there were paintings at all. Some said they were just flags.

Here with my three flags speech, I wish to awake similar discussion. Are we here in our congress just presenting visions, illusions and hope? How much Marxist are we? Are we really doing anything concrete to change the current political situation?

My first flag is the European Left red star flag. It is a flag of International class struggle and building alliances for a Europe of solidarity. Our political document is answer to the need of struggle that unites us working men, working women, unemployed ant the poor.  Second flag is the read flag of my party. We feminists, communists and we concerned about the environment are never pleased with current situation. It is in our nature to ask for more and it is our class oriented perspective to ask for a progressive development. It is our common goal to ask for a better future.

EL political document presents an idea to all the available forces, in Europe, to build an annual political forum, open to all the political, democratic and progressive forces. Yes! I vote for this! This Forum would enhance the realization of common struggles as well as set up a balance of power in Europe. It shall be open, plural and participative, with movements and intellectuals, towards a Marxist and feminist work program for convergence.  I think it should be called the U-Forum. U standing for unity.

Last flag in my three flags speech is the flag of indigenous rights

European Left Environmental working group with the Communist party of Finland organized last summer “Arctic Initiative” a seminar on peace, environment and indigenous rights. As follow up the CPFinland does a motion on Indigenous rights for EL Congress.

The ILO 169 convention is the most important operative international law guaranteeing the rights of indigenous peoples.  Dear comrades of the Congress. Please vote for approval of this motion.

I ask you to understand that in many parts of the world indigenous people are unable to enjoy their fundamental human rights to the same degree as the rest of the population of the States within which they live, and that their laws, values, customs and perspectives are often been oppressed.

the Saami people living in the Northern part of Europe in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway don´t fully have their rights for language, culture and land as stated in the ILO 169 convention.

Communist Party of Finland proposes to the EL Congress and its member parties to stand on the side of the Saami people in their just struggle for their rights.  Please support the fight aiming Finnish Government to ratify the ILO 169 Convention. Let´s be Marxist. Let´s do something concrete to support the fight of the Saami people.

 Let´s tell the world that El stands for Indigenous rights!


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