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Solidarity with Sahrawi People – free political prisoners

26.04.2017 - 15:00
(updated: 26.04.2017 - 15:21)

JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen Chairman of the Communist Party of Finland met April 26.th 2017 with the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, Polisario representative Menna Lehbib in a bilateral meeting in the Finnish capital Helsinki.  The Communist Party of Finland fully supports the peaceful demands that the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) presents; right to self-determination and sovereignty.  

CPF made a press release after the meeting in Finnish”Solidaarisuutta Sahrawi-kansalle – poliittiset vangit vapautettava”.

- Finnish Juha Sipilä´s Government, Jean-Claud Juncker´s EU and António Guterres´s UN has to fulfill more strict policy to influence the Moroccan authorities to free immediately the prisoners detained in the attack on Gdneim Izik in 2010. Also the presented accusations on violations and rape have to be investigated and brought to international court. During this week the UN is meeting with Security Council. It is time for the UN Security Council to add human rights observations and defense in the tasks for UN Minsur operations in the occupied areas of West Sahara and Morocco, demands chairman Väisänen of the Communist Party of Finland in the declaration and press release.


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