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Peking Initiative Calls for Collaboration, Innovation and Wider Perspective

02.12.2017 - 11:30

CPC in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-Level Meeting   
30 November – 3 December 2017 Beijing China   
The Communist Party of Finland (CPF) wishes to express its gratitude to the Communist Party of China of the hospitality towards the CPF and the higly important invitation to gather globally togther different political forces  as "The Beijing Initiative".    
The Communist Party of China (CPC) elected this autumn in the 19 national congress a new Central Committee and the International department (IDCPC).  A very internationally visible start is taken now by  IDCPC.   Political work kicks off with an international high level meeting of  world political parties 30.11.-3.12. in Peking.     
In Beijing meeting the newly elected CPC leaders will exchange views with representatives of different political parties, experts and scholars on such issues as "How can we facilitate the building of  a community of share future of mankind. What kind of beautiful world do we envision? And how can we leverage political parties in building a community of a shared future for mankind and a beautiful world and explore solutions to the challenges facing the development of human society, so as to jointly facilitate the building of a community of shared future of mankind.    
Representatives of over 200 political parties and political organizations from over 120 countries attended the CPC dialogue  with World Political Parties High-Level Meeting.  
The Communist Party of Finland salutes the premilinary version (distributed 30.11.. to the delegates In Peijing) of the Peijing Initiative with warm acceptance.   


Chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen intervention on Peking Initiative;

Progressive unity of forces    

It is of great importance to meet in Beijing with the president Xi Jinping, the newly elected CPC leadership and the international party representatives. There are monumental challenges at the table.  Jointly we have to find a new way how to facilitate the building of a community of shared future.  Alone, isolated and with the "besser wisser" - I know everything attitude the current crises of austerity, inequality and global warming will only get wors.    
The Communist Party of Finland from its radical nonpralamentarian perspective finds it important to be present where international class struggle is constructed. In Beijing not only, communist parties join the same round table of pluralist vision to the beautiful world we envision. The only way out of current crisis, way out of lack of democracy, way out of weakening  workers’ rights and way out of silencing the minorities is in here in the Peking call. Way out exist in the pluralist collaboration of different political parties way out of crises exists in true dialogue of the political parties and in the dialogue with the large number of the different actors of the civil society.    
Political parties with the real participation of the people is the way out of current crises and a new start in building a community of a shared future for mankind. Collaboration and participation, makes it beautiful and sustainable.     
During last few months I have been able to participate with the international community´s political forums of future building. I witnessed two important European initiatives; the Moscow Left Forum in Russian Federation and the Marseille Forum in France. They are both political platforms for the progressive and future builders in Europe to provoke people to take the power that belongs to all of us and not the political elite.    
The CPF celebrates next year 2018 the hundred anniversary of its formation. As the most important celebration we together with the progressive political forces and different actors of the civil society will create a political platform "Vastavirta-festival" in Helsinki the capital city of Finland 25.-26.8.2018. I invite You to join and follow the steps of our initiative.    
We, the working class have only one direction and that is forward!  Successful step forward has to be based on the challenging idea of a real collaboration with the progressive parties, feminist, communist and worker’s parties, the left and ecologically progressive parties and with the political parties and the civil societies functionaries, NGO´s, mass movements, peace-movements, syndicates, LGTBI-sexual minorities networks, workers unions, artists, intellectuals and all the variety of the ones and many unsatisfied with political elite, shovinist politics, the patriarchate, market dictatorship and capitalism.    
Peace building     
The Beijing meeting is an important event for peace building. There is no possibility for a progressive future if there is no peace among the people. I am personally happy to be able to salute the Chinese people in the high-level dialogue in Peking. We in Finland have well in our memory the important participation of the China's People´s Association for Peace and Disarmament in the European event "Peace Alert" organised by some Finnish Peace organisations, the CPF and the European Left party . The Chinese delegation and the peace building words by Mr. Tao Tao  from the China's People´s Association for Peace and Disarmament, are important concrete steps of mutual understanding and peace building.     
I participated in September this year in Venezuela in a political forum of international politicians, solidarity activists, artists and intellectuals. The Caracas event was invited by the Bolivarian President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Together we, some 200 delegates wrote a Caracas declaration as a peaceful international response to the aggressive and war declaring words of the North American leader Donald Trump. The Caracas declaration stands for peace, peoples sovereignty and participatory democracy.     
Peace building is international collectives work and I am happy to experience the Beijing  spirit expressing the same goals that the other Peace Forums I have taken part in Caracas, Moscow and Marseille.    
In Finland we are in the middle of an interesting debate on next president of State. The CPF calls for a peace building candidate that keeps Finland out of international military exercises, out of NATO and out of wars.      
Beautiful world and Class Struggle on a Pluralist and Feminist Front line    

There is nowadays people fleeing war, poverty and hunger.  The war of the jungle: greed, the conquest and subjugation of weaker peoples – imperialism – have driven people from their homes. Many asylum seekers have had to witness people dying before their eyes.    
For a refugee, Finland means the cold unknown North, but also peace and protection. For Finns it means the unknown South but also the chance to be human to another human. ‘Welcome’ is not a difficult word for any of us; between people it is the minimum.     
Capitalism has many true faces. The EU with its capitalist structure is a clear example of an anti-human, anti-proletarian and anti-peace functionary figurvale. From a proletarian perspective the EU is a big fat business man dressed in a suite of false liberties. The EU is a unpleasant surprise of harsh militarism covered with white promises of peace.  The EU is a sweet cake of democracy baked with bitter elements of “business first” -recipes.    
The Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia was the first in history to open the road for building a socialist society free of exploitation. The Soviet Union and the other countries that had been building socialism have been pioneers of job security and achievement of many other basic rights. They proved that running the economy does not necessitate capitalist supremacy.    
New future for the international proletariat is urgently needed. Today too, distribution of the value and surplus created by workers, is decided in the class struggle where labor and capital, exploited and exploiters, subjugated and subjugators are confronted. Bread, houses and work is urgently needed. Work and basic security is urgently needed.    
We communists trust in the human being. We trust in people's ability to solve problems, to work together, to love and to create something new. The knowledge and awareness of people regarding many issues have grown. We understand that good will alone is not enough to build a better world. In order to eliminate problems, we need structural social changes, planned action and - as experience has shown - also a resolute struggle against the power of big business, capitalism and against the political Right.    
From a Finnish class oriented and communist perspective the rise of the proletariat and international forums of progressive forces can make a breakthrough towards socialism.     
We in the CPF see that what’s needed now is participation, work and action for building another Finland, a workers’ Europe and a better world. This must include the communist desire for justice, equality and sharing. It must include the feminist vision of the equal rights of all women and men and of every person to development. It must include the environmental demand to transform our planet for the universal common good and It must incorporate the vision of a world culture where minorities have the right to their own culture, and what is important, dear comrades: it must include the right of all citizens to decide themselves on all matters locally and globally.    


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