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Money for welfare, not weapons!

01.03.2023 - 17:45
(updated: 03.03.2023 - 10:26)
  • Petra Packalén speaking at the Congress of The CPF in the summer of 2022
Petra Packalén speaking at the Congress of The CPF in the summer of 2022. Photo Emma Grönqvist
The Communist Party of Finland (SKP) has nominated 65 candidates in the upcoming 2023 Parliamentary elections held on sunday 2nd of April. The party's campaign slogan is Money for welfare, not weapons!
SKP is the only left-wing party in this election that opposes Finland's membership in NATO.
– Increasing the number of weapons will not bring peace to the world. Problems are not solved by war or exporting arms to Ukraine, says Petra Packalén, Editor-In-Chief of Tiedonantaja and a candidate from Tampere Region.
Packalén says that nationalism, racism and militarism are on the increase throughout Europe.
– The only way out of the current crisis is peace. Not only peace in Ukraine, but peace in Yemen, Kurdistan, Palestine, Congo, and all crisis areas. We communists are part of the anti-war movement. We see that only peace opens up the possibility of solving the great problems facing humanity. That is why we oppose Finland's membership of NATO and consider the huge arms purchases decided by the present government to be a mistake, says Packalén.
In addition, the Finnish Communists Election Manifesto sets out solutions to the escalating cost of living, the crisis in social services, improving working conditions and curbing the environmental crisis.
– The world cannot sustain the capitalist system, that is built on the endless consumption of natural resources. It is unsustainable not only for nature, but also for human beings. The constant rush, the culture of disposable goods and the unnecessary needs created by advertising do not bring happiness, says Packalén.
The SKP has prepared both an election manifesto and an election programme for the spring parliamentary elections.
See all the candidates here.
Read the SKP Election Manifesto in english here.


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