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Lexit Working Group founded at SKP Press Festival in Finland

10.10.2017 - 19:45

Almost 800 participants took part in the Communist Party of Finland (SKP) Tiedonantaja Press Festival last Saturday 7th of October in Tampere, Finland.


Following a panel organized by the Democratic Civic Association (DSL), a Finnish Lexit working group of leftist activists and researchers was formed. The group aims to spark debate in Finland for the possibility of Lexit - a Left Exit from the neoliberal and capitalist structures of the European Union, based on principles of internationalism and solidarity.


Idar Helle, a Norwegian member of the international Lexit Network and a researcher of workers’ history was present at the event, introducing the Lexit initiative's goals.


Sippo Kähmi, citizen activist and organization secretary for DSL ( sippo.kahmi at desili.fi ) is the contact person for the new Finnish Lexit working group.


Tiedonantaja festival is a bi-annual event that assembles researchers, politicians, artists and citizen activists to find alternative ways out of Europe’s crisis, our one-sided media, and the lack of choice in politics. The programme includes a wealth of discussions, art and workshops.


The press festival was organized by the Communist Party of Finland, European Left, The Democratic Civic Association (DSL) and other civic society organizations.



For more information on the festival and the Lexit initiative, see:






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