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Heikki Ekman's speech in People's Assembly, Venezuela

25.02.2019 - 13:15
(updated: 27.02.2019 - 19:04)
  • Asamblea de los Pueblos en Venezuela, foto: Cancilleria Venezuela

We've been witnessing aggressive right-wing propaganda these days. This propaganda has the purpose

We need to counter that propaganda with our own propaganda, or should I say, by persuation, as the word is a bit loaded. Some fact-checking platform might do. Some platform where prevailing right-wing perspective of Venezuela could be challenged by facts. Analyzing news, social media rumors etc. In this process would be important to hear voices of Afro-Venezuelans, that are now invisible to the most.

These days I've been asking to myself several times following question: What makes the right-wing look that attractive even though it provides no houses, no food, no proper education for the have-nots while left-wing actually does all that. I've been wondering day after day reasons for their success. What do they have that we don't? If we are able to answer this question, we might also find out motivators to defend a socialist system. In this, in some cases we might need newer and and fresher image. While it is important to remind the people about the history (the achievements of socialism and wrongdoings of predecedent right-wing regimes) it is essential to have a look at the future as well. What more to offer to maintain or restore popularity? The leftist movement, the peoples' movement used to succeed because it had something to offer. If we endorse womens' rights and the rights of the LGBT community, there will be more support.

I hear many times how comrades all around Europe keep saying that there are no young people enough. That they are not interested in politics and activism. Dear comrades, allow me to challenge these views. If we have a look at social media there are many young people that are political. I've observed how young people are increasingly worried about environmental issues that capitalist system is unwilling to solve. I'd say, if we could find the way to show that we, defenders of socialism, are those who care for environment and want to save it for the future generations as well, then we could attract even more people. Who wouldn't want to breathe clean air and have nature around with green and clean technology? The question, therefore is not if there young people who are interested in things. The question is, are we talking to them the right way. Are we sending a right message, are we communicating properly?

Climate change is reality. While we all should be worried about the latest report of the United Nations regarding climate change, some are obviously not. Those capitalists, once again, who giving a damn about short term profits only, counting on that they will die before the living conditions turn worse. We don't have to look further from Brazil where the Amazon rainforest is planned to be sold for the corporations. That means the lungs of this planet are once again under threat. Dear comrades, I end this speech by calling for green boycott against Brazil. You surely have heard about calls for boycott against Israel and its illeagal occupation. This green boycott would be similar but a green version. That would show, I think, how we really differ from the right-wing that cares only about their wallets.

Heikki Ekman, member of CPF and working group of Latin America of European left
Caracas, Venezuela


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