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Government must stop the violence in Iraq

18.12.2019 - 10:15
  • Iraqi government must stop the violence. Picture Chickenonline

Poverty, unemployment, inequality and oppression have worsened in Iraq in a way that has deprived people a chance to a normal life. At the same time, the spread of corruption has further increased inequality.

Because of this development Iraqis has no other choice but to protest and take the protest to the streets. The protesters believe that this government does not represent them and that citizens have no control over the country's administration. It is now two months since the big demonstrations in Baghdad's Tahrir Square and elsewhere in central and southern Iraq began and they are not coming to an end.

Such a popular movement, in which hundreds of thousands of people are peacefully protesting day after day, is historic in Iraq. It should be seen as an opportunity to strengthen democracy in the country, not as a threat.

However, Iraqi government forces have violently attacked protesters. Last week alone, the number of people killed and injured in Nasriyah and Najaf exceeded one thousand. In all, more than 500 protesters have been killed by the Iraqi government and the number of injured has already risen to over 17 000. Thousands have also been arrested. There can be no justification for this brutal violence.

The Communist Party of Finland urges the Iraqi government to end violence against demonstrators. Acts of violence against demonstrators must be investigated and their perpetrators held accountable. The demands of the protesters must be responded to and the grievances they have raised must be addressed through concrete action. The Iraqi Government cannot escape this responsibility.

Communist party of Finland


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