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Congress of the Finnish Communists

04.06.2019 - 11:15
(updated: 04.06.2019 - 11:27)
  • Congress, Communist Party of Finland, Porvoo, 2019

The Communist Party of Finland Party Congress takes place 15. - 16 of June in Porvoo at House of Culture "Grand" Piispankatu 28.  

Call for International messages of Solidarity – please send to skp (at) skp.fi More info, please call us  +358 50 5738598  and  +358 9 7743 8150

We - the Finnish Communists are gathering in Porvoo in SKP Party Congress in a situation where the popular rights parties have gained new positions in European parliaments and austerity policy has hit hard on workers' rights and every bodies basic security.  

The bourgeois policy of austerity is weakening universal humane and citizen rights of all of us. SKP Congress is a call for ecological, progressive and radical left forces to unify political struggle. We the Finnish communists feel that a unifying struggle for peace against NATO and militarization, a stronger class-oriented struggle for better worker´s rights, against climate and financial crises, for more equal rights of all sexes and for universal human rights and people´s self-determination will unite us all international communists and workers parties and other progressive political forces and the diverse actors of the civil society.  

It is time for an international class struggle against fascism, racism and neoliberal governments not only in Finland, not only against the antihuman and antidemocratic capitalist EU but also against all the concrete forms of capitalist exploitation and imperialists wars all over the world.   

The Congress will come out with a political document that guidelines the work of communists to face these important struggles and bring the theory among the masses into the streets and social media - where the people are.  

The International Communists and Workers parties Solid net- collective, the European Left Party and the international Dialogue for Shared Future of Mankind with World Political Parties led by the Communist Party of Peoples Republic of China, are  three highly important class-oriented tools for all Finnish Communists and SKP for making international class struggle more reachable, concrete and visible.  

Congress will elect new central committee. A new political body "P4" of four leaders will be elected from the members of the new central committee. It will be led by chairperson, strengthened by the collective participation of two vice chairpersons and the participation of secretary general. "P4" collective leadership will be a modern SKP Visible Working Tool for an easy to reach, participatory, class-oriented feminist and stronger workers´ voice for the international working class, for SKP party members and the European civil society. 


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