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For 20th Congress of The Portuguese Communist Party

04.12.2016 - 12:00
  • PCP kongressi
20th Congress of The Portuguese Communist Party in Almada

The Portuguese Communist Party
20th Congress
2.-4. December 2016

Dear comrades

We send our warmest congratulations for your 20th congress from the Communist Party of Finland. Struggle against capitalism in Europe and the whole world is facing new difficulties every day. Coming together as workers and people and sharing our common goal of a world without war and exploitation is crucial.

The right-wing governments in Europe are destroying wealth that was constructed by the working class in the last century. By privatizing our healthcare, education, transportation and natural resources they are only thriving to get more profit for capitalists. At the same time the ruling class is making sure there's more and more tax cuts for the rich individuals and big business.

Defense of public services and acting against austerity has taken more participation in Finland and whole Europe during the past couple of years. Communists are naturally a part of this movement by working to build up demonstrations and other actions, showing solidarity to peoples struggles and spreading information in all social matters.

International struggle grows from the local struggle. Communists in Portugal have a good approach and active involvement in building better municipalities. Town residents in many parts of the country trust, that PCP is doing all the effort for creating more jobs and better public services in the area. Next year The Communist Party of Finland participates in our own local government elections by bringing an alternative to cuts on welfare and the lack of jobs. We see the elections also as an opportunity to strengthen the radical left movement in Finland.

Workers all around the world need to find their own place in the international class struggle. We need more acts against imperialism and war, against fascist groups that are taking stand all around Europe and against right-wing politics that are causing poverty and human exploitation. The initiative for a world of solidarity, equality and peace remains timely and necessary for workers everywhere.

Long live international struggle for peace and workers rights!
Forward on the road to socialism and communism!

The Communist Party of Finland
30th November 2016 

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