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Facts about CPF

29.10.2013 - 13:45
(updated: 24.02.2021 - 11:55)

updated 24.2.2021

The Communist Party of Finland was founded on the 29th of August 1918.

The CPF was re-enrolled to political parties' register on February 1997 after having been split and suffered from bankruptcy and after the Left Alliance joined the government together with the conservative party and abandoned the right of communist to be members of the Alliance.

There are 2 500 members in the CP of Finland, 14 disricts and over 100 basic organizations. The CPF has representative in Nokia city council.

The website of the CPF http://www.skp.fi and there are materials in english, too, on website www.skp.fi/english. Tel 3589 - 7743 8150 and fax 3589 - 7734 8160. Address: Viljatie 4 B 3. kerros, 00700 Helsinki, Finland.

Chairman of the CPF is Juha-Pekka Väisänen, vice chairpersonsMervi Grönfors and Liisa Taskinen and general secretary Tiina Sandberg

The organ on the CPF is weekly publication "Tiedonantaja", editor in chief Petra Packalén. The website of "Tiedonantaja" http://www.tiedonantaja.fi. Tel 3589 - 7743 810.