Iraqi government must stop the violence. Picture Chickenonline
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 18.12.2019
The Communist Party of Finland urges the Iraqi government to end violence against demonstrators. Acts of violence against demonstrators must be investigated and their perpetrators held accountable.
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 11.12.2019
The Iraqi poet Ali Najim al-Lami, a member of the Iraqi Communist Party, was assassinated in Baghdad on Tuesday night, 10 December 2019. 
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 03.12.2019
The Hong Kong act, signed by the US President Donald Trump, is not aiming to the realization of democracy. Its biggest and most obvious goal is to safeguard the economic and political goals of the United States. This is justified with very traditional claims that US in defending human rights.
We have to act now in order to be able to save environment from most urgent threats, but it is not enough.
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 07.11.2019
The aim of the communists is to ask the right questions in the right places, and thus radicalizing the debate. We can also play our part in revealing how companies, and more broadly capitalists, are trying their best to benefit also from the situation created by the environmental crisis.
JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen chairperson of the Communist Party of Finlad
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 18.10.2019
Chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen described in his speech to the 21 meeting of the Communists and Workers’ Parties in Izmir that political elite in the EU is weakening the laws referring to working life. Väisänen proposed idea of sharing of all work with all the workers. Communist Party of Finland is collecting signatures for “Unmask Green Imperialism” appeal. Chairperson Väisänen explained that one can join the campaign by reporting nationally Unmask environmental crimes locally and internationally. Aim of the campaign is to strengthen proletarian environmental movement and a worldwide anti-imperialist network for radical environmental policy in service for all working class and humankind.