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Yes for Socialism of the Future

28.02.2019 - 15:30
(updated: 28.02.2019 - 15:44)
  • Beijing, Renmin University, Wanshou Forum, JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen, CPC, China

Beijing thematic workshop at the Renmin University about socialism is a serious moment to highlight the ugly roots of migration, form solidarity and fight against injustice.

Communist Party of China has leading global initiative involving us, world progressive, leftist and communist forces to an active part in political dialogue for a better world towards socialism.

I am JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen, chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland.

Imperialist wars, climate change and bad working conditions create migration. 3,3 % of the world´s population is today hit by a catastrophe that forces people to migrate. I strongly believe that a better future can be built up with joint actions between leftist, green and progressive forces.

Turnover to a different future free of workers and nature's exploitation is urgently needed. Changing ideas, networking and analysis of the Chinese experience of 70 years of Socialism with Chinese characteristics at this workshop here in Beijing is globally important.

Thank You for building up this important, radical and progressive platform of changing ideas and constructing a better future for mankind.

From the world’s approximately 244 million international migrants some 150 million are workers. Most migrant workers are in the services sectors, with 106.8 million workers, followed by industry, including manufacturing and construction and agriculture.

Since 2008 to 2016 every year some 25 million people have been forced to migrate because of phenomena that are linked with climate change such like floods, taifuns and erosion. (United Nations Migration Agency)

Politics of business wears a false mask of democracy. Imperialist wars hit and bomb innocent homes and families, occupy and interfere in faraway countries policies. Instead of democracy and peace wars bring emergency and migration.

From a Finnish class oriented and communist perspective the rise of the proletariat and international forums and workshops of progressive forces can make a breakthrough towards socialism.

We in the CPF see that what’s needed now is participation, work and action for building another Finland, a workers’ Europe and a better world. This must include the communist desire for justice, equality and sharing. It must include the feminist vision of the equal rights of all women and men and of every person including LGTBQI- and other emancipatory movements to a unified struggle. It must include the environmental demand to transform our planet for the universal common good, and what is important, dear comrades: it must include the right of all citizens to decide themselves on all matters locally and globally.

Beijing CALL

Together with forces invited here in Bejing and other progressive ones still to join – YESS - we can, and we will fight against capitalism and these ugly roots of migration. We are a diverse force, which is only a good thing. All our movements; workers movement, anti-fascist, internationalist, ecologist, gender- and sex emancipation, feminists' and communists' movements have a history of own struggle. Together we can open new path to new structures of societies – socialism of the people and the future.

At the moment we speak here in Beijing the first International Peoples´ Assembly will meet in Caracas, Venezuela.

One of our current political priorities of the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist forces should be to mobilize and strengthen Solidarity with the different global socialist initiatives and the Bolivarian Revolution! Venezuelan people have right to their sovereignty and self-determination. We must show internationally that we are against the meddling of the US, and of any country, in the internal affairs of Venezuela; in defense of Dialogue and of Peace.

Beijing to support International Peoples´ assembly

I propose that our thematical workshop should send a message of great solidarity from Beijing to Caracas and we all should support the first International Peoples´ Assembly In solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and against Imperialism.

END Exploitation - DOWN with Capitalism and the ugly roots of Imperialism!

YES, for Peoples self-determination, YES for Peace and Class Struggle! YES, for Socialism!

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