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Working Class Hero – Equality as Role Model

22.07.2020 - 11:00
(updated: 22.07.2020 - 13:54)
  • Working Class Hero - Equality as Role Model

“Working Class Hero – equality as role model”  

Public Debate and Workshops – participating in Helsinki Pride 2020 

Red Rainbow, LGBTI Working Group (WG) of the Communist Party of Finland has invited European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and European Left (EL) LGBTI WG to participate in Helsinki Pride 2020 and joint organize Friday 11.9. a public debate “Working Class Hero – Equality as role model” and two workshops. 

Helsinki Pride 2020 takes place 7.-13.9.2020 in Helsinki, Finland. Main theme of Helsinki Pride “Role Models” is in the centre of “Working Class Hero –Equality as role model” public debate presenting working class struggle, every day´s heroes, European queer reality and the fight for better working life. 

“Working Class Hero – Equality as role model” is a class-conscious European queer debate of solidarity, equality and working life. Speakers from ETUC, EL LGBTI WG and Red Rainbow make queer reality and the fight for better working life heard, show the challenges and rights of the LGBTI community's workers face in everyday life in different European countries and provide new ideas and political tools for queer battle for better working life conditions. 


“Working Class Hero – Equality as role model”  

PUBLIC DEBATE 11.9.2020 15.00-17.00, Kolmen sepän patsas 

Speakers will be soon presented. There will be a speaker from ETUC Representative in charge of LGTBQI issues in European Trade Union Confederation  and speakers from EL member parties from across Europe presenting the EL LGTBI WG.  

Debate language is English. Debate is free and open for all. Debate is a panel discussion where several interventions are presented. 

Debate show the challenges and rights of the LGTBQI community's workers face in everyday life. Workshop produce concrete initiatives for pan-European action for better working life. Helsinki Red Pride Role Model Declaration is an open invitation to a progressive rainbow battle with political challenges and goals. 

The target group of the debate and workshop are working people, students and trade unionists of LGTBQI community. 

The Helsinki Pride 2020 theme “Role Models” is topic of the public debate “Working Class Hero – Equality as role model” organized by Red Rainbow, European Left and ETUC. 

“Working Class Hero – Equality as role model” debate empowers to see and recognize rainbow heroes fighting for solidarity and better work life. 

The debate will be held during daytime at 15-17 o´clock, outside, in an accessible environment, at the street, in tents around Statue “Kolmen sepän patsas” on a square in the middle of the city between Stockman super store and Old Students House. 

Dabate will be live streamed. 


WORKSHOPS 17.00-19.00, Kolmen sepän patsas 

  • Constructing Rainbow Tools for struggle at workplaces 

  • Collective writing of Helsinki Red Pride Role Model Declaration 


Two workshops follow the debate. One workshop construct Rainbow Tools for struggle at workplaces and the other workshop writes Helsinki Red Pride Role Model Declaration. 

Event is official Program of Helsinki Pride 2020  - Welcome!

More info at skp@skp.fi

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