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Warning Signs require Humanity to take Action

04.05.2016 - 11:15
(updated: 30.08.2016 - 13:53)
  • Marc Brodine
Marc Brodine writes on environmental issues for the journal the People´s World

As climate change increases, changes in the Arctic are more intense than elsewhere—more warming, more melting, and great danger to the world’s atmosphere from the carbon dioxide and methane frozen in the permafrost.


These serious warning signs require humanity to take action. Some countries and companies see opportunities to drill more and ship more, to despoil and exploit an already fragile environment. This short-sighted greed is typical of capitalism, placing short-term financial gain ahead of the survival needs of all humanity.

Only a massive, worldwide movement lead by the working class is capable of creating sufficient fundamental technological, environmental, financial, and social change. A healthy humanity needs a healthy natural world.


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