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For people´s participatory initiatives against Imperialist peace and climate plans 

08.10.2021 - 17:00
(updated: 09.10.2021 - 17:18)
  • JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen on Suomen kommunistisen puolueen puheenjohtaja

European Left Assembly 9.10.2021 – is this just a yearly meeting or a start for a political change.  

Extinction rebellion activist block the streets of Helsinki almost every day. Life on Earth is in crisis. Our climate is changing faster than scientists predicted. Biodiversity loss, Crop failure, Social and ecological collapse and Mass extinction are facts. We are running out of time, and our governments have failed to act.  

InFinland the government is demanded to declare a state of emergency and start to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.  

Radical nature activists demand a system change. Capitalism is failing.  

Finnish political consensus in the government does not wish to hear the message from the streets.  

We the radicals of the Left should show all of our support to the street activists demanding radical change and the declaration of state of emergency.

I propose that the European left Assembly encourages its member parties to support the nature activists demand to declare the state of emergency as a tool to combat the climate change.  

EU – in the hands of the bourgeois  

The EU we experience today is not the collective of the European people's, we the radical leftist and communist are building up. The EU we experience today seems to need military and combat power to play its role as an imperialist centre and to sharpen its capitalist competition.  

For us it is clear that we the European left work for antimilitary policy and peace building. It is clear that the EU of today, the EU of the bourgeois, is safeguarding and defending the interests of big business.  

The intensity of the EU's militarisation has been a key issue in recent years. In addition to the European Defence Fund (EDF) there is the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) or the Coordinated Annual Review in the field of Defence (CARD), the phony "Mechanism for Peace". These are respective EU mechanisms and operate in the direction of unifying military operation between Member States, to significantly enhance the EU's autonomous combat, military capabilities, its ability to launch interventions around the world as part of its "Global Strategy".  

Nato´s and US failure in Afghanistan is now calling up to strengthen the militarization of the EU and strengthening of the EDF. 

I propose that we as the peace building force of the political left are very much awake here. The European Defence Fund is another tool for promoting the greedy designs of European elite. It seeks to support the major businesses in the military industry and is directly linked to the EU's pursuit of "combatant, independent and autonomous military capability" at the expense of us the workers and the people.  

The EDF means militarization and joint development research of innovative new generation of weapons. 90 million Euros has been spent to this objective in the period 2017-2020. The EDF also means building up 'capacities'. That promotes joint funding from national contributions through state budgets, the war industry for the development and production of weapon systems. Funding of 5 billion euros is foreseen per year.  

Some say that it should not worry us if we only talk about an all-European military force or army. Dear comrades it is not just talking. We are already using our tax money in all European militarization. The EDF seeks to finance the large monopolies of the military industry in the EU with money from the EU and the member states.  

The direction of the EDF is that research and production are integrated into the aggressive plans not only of the European Union but also of NATO. All the mechanisms of the EU and Common Defence and Security Policy, such as the EDF, are preparing for effective EU military intervention in times of one could call it the “imperialist peace”.  

We as European Left have to stand out and demand change in this politics of militarization. These dangerous developments confirm the reactionary – antipeople and irreversible nature and of the transnational union of the capitalists, the European Union, as a strategic rival and enemy of the peoples.  

I propose that the European left Assembly encourages its member parties to work for peace, against militarization and the European Defence Fund.  

European Alternative Forum  

This is not just a yearly meeting. Really, it is not! We all know that it depends on us all, if a strong radical European left alternative is heard, or if it is visible. I wish us to become a stronger collective. Work more together. We have all the tools to start invite others, those who until today have not been participating – invite civil societies organizations, activists in an open minded, non-dogmatic new perspectives open debate, and concrete collaboration. And Yess! I think it all is possible. That´s why I say I´m happy that we are part of the joint initiative of the Alternative European Forum. 

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