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Peacebuilding, Democracy and Classexit in perspective

23.03.2018 - 23:45
(updated: 24.03.2018 - 00:06)

Communist Party of Finland representant  Tiina Sandberg´s intervention in European Left Executive Board 23.-24.3 in Vienna, Austira on issues; EU- elections, main election lines, inter lists, EL canditate for European Commission and French Left  Parti Gauche proposal concerning Syriza 

Workers of Europe, unemploid, students and the retired need an anti racist, working class left exit form  current anti worker and anti humain austerity policy. Lack of democracy, insufficient basic security and growing massunemployment alarm for a radical structural and political change.  

The CPF sees that the big capital uses current EU as a tool to oppress working class, crushes down peoples possibilities to participate in decision making and destroys nature. The CPF is strongly against  any developement of the EU towards a more federal EU or a more militarized EU.  We don`t see that crushing this instrument of capital would automatically crush also the capital that is using it´s instrument. 

Still it is urgently necesary to break away from the euro monetary policy, exity the European Union, get rid of EU´s capitalist structures and  say good bye to EU logics of market dictatorship. On the other hand there is no way back to a more nacionalist and more closed capitalsit national state, which has been the populist right parties alternative for the EU in the UK, EU and Finland. We need a new democratically controlled european Peoples bank to garantee  loans to provide labor activating initiatiatives. Free trade agreements are business agreements among big businesses and the big capital. 

The CPF vision of the alternative of current EU is new peoples self determination, participatory democracy and peace building. That challanges to a interntional, global and European  collaboration of different actors of the  local civil society; NGO´s, massmovements and impulsive organizations born out of the poltical need and inspiration of current situation. New Vision challanges old political parties to rethink their postitons and working culture. That challanges us progressive radical leftist, green and feminist political parties to seek for a stronger position of power a and a closer collaboration among our parties. 

Current EU structures do not provide a progressive and working class perfect way out of current crises nor a change without a need to adopt the logics of capitalism.  There are no political possibilities in reforming the EU but creating a new international democratic, progressive and feminist workers´ popular Europe towards socialism. 

The CPF collaborates with the political parties of the European Left and the World Communist and Workers´parties in order to owercome capitalims and jointly with those unsatisfied with the current situation to create new progressive steps towards socialism;  a better world without oppression of workers or nature and to end poverty, hunger and wars.   

The CPFD main lines for next EU elections 2019 are; 

- class oriented left exit of euro and EU 

- feminist stop to free treade agreememts  

- No to European militarization , EU army and Nato 

The CPF will propose a candidate to a possible inter list of canditates 
The CPF will decide later, when name awailable how to support the EL canditate to president of the Council  

The CPF wihes to underline that in constructiong radical leftist, gree-left, feminist and communist internationa, global and European front expell and purity are har demands and good for caders. For growing larger we need to be vise and we need tools of collaboration. We can be succesfull  the CPF by inviting new forces and by getting exited of all that exites humain life like Lenin has proposed. We are for a more unified, more pluralist, feminista and stronger collaboration. Belive me this is difficult to say in Finnish situation.


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