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Stop anticommunism!

21.04.2010 - 10:16
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
At the same time when neo-liberalism and capitalism have led to a worsening of unemployment, a weakening of basic security, to environmental problems and wars, right-wing extremism and anti-communism are alarmingly raising their head.

An ad hoc Committee of the upper house of the Czech parliament is proposing to the legal authorities to ban the country's third largest party, the Communist Party (KSCM) as "unconstitutional". Turkey has banned the country's fourth largest party, the DTP, and several of its 22 MPs and of its 99 mayors have been arrested, because they have defended the rights of the Kurdish minority. Poland and Hungary have banned the use of Communist symbols. In many other countries too, Communists face discrimination.

In order to justify these anti-Communist measures, attempts have been made to put Communist thinking and fascism on equal footing. Such a distortion of history deliberately assimilates the victims and opponents of fascism to their fascist murderers, hiding the contribution of Communists to democracy, social reform and peace. At the same time such attempt aims at depriving people of any hope for a better future and of their right to struggle to put an end to capitalist exploitation.

The political Bureau of the Communist Party of Finland condemns the growing campaigns of hate against Communists in the Czech Republic, in Poland, in Hungary and several other countries. All countries must ensure that Communists enjoy freedom of opinion and expression, as well as political and other democratic rights. We also call upon Finnish representatives in the European Council and in the European Parliament to act in order to put an end to all undemocratic actions directed against Communists and other leftists. We shall also refer this matter to the ambassadors of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Political Bureau of the CPF (Communist Party of Finland) 12.1.2010