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Peace Requires Strengthening of Alliance Against Austerity

16.06.2015 - 15:38
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
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JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen Member of EL Council of Chairpersons and Executive Board Chairman of Communist Party of Finland

JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen
Member of EL Council of Chairpersons and Executive Board
Chairman of Communist Party of Finland


European Union plays a more and more imperialist roll and a position of subordination to the United States, while at the same time NATO launches a new expansionist politics of rearming and wants to rise up to 2 % of the GDP the quota that every single member country must pay to the organization. Nato´s expansionist politics shows concrete action in our neighbouring countries in the Baltic countries, where US is placing permanent soldiers. At the same time Finnish new bourgeois government is cutting from families with children, students and the retired – demanding longer working hours and worse salaries and lifting up military budgets and putting wind under the wings of the plan to use 11 billion euros for new air fighters and warships.

This to say, Peace Alert talks in Helsinki 13.6.2015 are hold in a very interesting security and defense political situation.

Welcome to the hot spot! Welcome in Helsinki!

Let´s make a loud, visible and interactive Peace Alert

“Although the idea of Peace Alert was born in the European Left this is not a forum of the Party of the European Left, but an open platform of all future CHANGE MAKERS coming from different parts of the world and from different points of interest in the society;  from the politics, peace- and environmental organizations, social movements, figures of culture and the arts, activists and individual citizens to work together for stronger culture for peace and better argumentation against austerity and war. 

European left calls all peace loving forces, all progressive forces for a common collaboration to change Europe and the world. There are only two ways to continue in Europe: carry on in this Europe of capitalism and authoritarianism, or achieve a Europe of solidarity, justice, peoples’ Europe and feminist Europe. An Europe of Peace.

From the speakers lista of Peace Alert one can see that there are key actors of peace and environemtal movements. There are politicians and visible cultural figures  - intellectuals and ngo grass root activist taking floor. Peace Alert is an international seminar that makes it possible during one day to change perspectives from China to Finland, from Palestine to Sweden , from Germany to Italy or from Cuba to Estonia. Special for this seminar is that we are not allergic to make politics to interact with different organizations and ngo´s.

As result of April parliamentary elections Finland has a new bourgeois government. Juha Sipiläs government continues the same politics like neoliberal governments before. This time cutting lists hit harder than before. Only military budget stays out of cuts. Finland is taking a step closer to NATO. New government changed the formulation of relation to Nato. Now the Nato door is open and a special clearance of Nato will be done. Collaboration with Sweden will be enforced meaning closer military exercises as well as budget and weapon investment dialoge. There is no sign of exit the Host Nation Agreement Finland has with NATO.

This political situation shows how patriarchal structure works. Security is build up with more military strength and the other tools for mutual understanding, neighbour politics, and social skills, education and culture get cuts.

Communist Pary of Finland joins the European Left´s call of all progressive forces to strengthen Alliance Against Austerity. I d like to see us active and  invite all friends regardless of the party politics to take part in 22. of August  mass demonstration against government’s austerity politics.

The budget cuts in public services - health assistance, education, social services, and equality policies, all have a strong gender impact. Those measures are pushing women to very serious conditions of economic, social and life precariousness.

Women and we all who believe in a society build up for peace and equality are not going to accept this austerity politics that cause concrete death, force  young people and women as cheap labor or women returning to a traditional and submissive role and assuming all the responsibility regarding household and care work.

The Party of the European Left, a left and feminist force, its men and its women, will fight against all regressive policies which are causing the increase of gender inequality and will defend all women's rights and liberties to decide on their own lives in Europe and all over the world. Our government today with its austerity politics gives us all a concrete working list and a lot of challenge. Government plans to use 11 billion in new air fighters and warships has to go down. Instead of new weapons we need to use that budget for projects that create jobs for unemployed people and we urgently need more money for alternative defence and security tools such like Ngo- and neighbouring area cooperation as well  education, arts and culture, which form the best tools for defence politics

Cuts planned for families with children, unemployed and the poor have to be cancelled. Instead of cuttings we need a radical change in the politics and more money for employment, education and culture. Capital and the rich should be taxed more heavily and government has to cancel the politics that oppresses the people with the multibillion plan for new war machines.

The EL is very concerned by the increase of extreme right and various kinds of populists parties.  The True Finns are now in government in Finland.  Timo Soini president of the Ture Finns is now  the foreign minister of Finland. The fact that those forces appeared to citizens like the alternative to the «neoliberal consensus» is very worrying. In France for example, the FN with a «social mask», managed to appear as the «protecting» party. The EL and its member parties will work actively on this specific important  issue – in the work against right wing populism and racism.


President of the Party of the European Left (EL) Pierre Laurent said at the opening of the European Forum for alternatives hold just few weeks ago   in Place de la Republique of Paris. "We must stop liberal dogmatism"  and that  "Only the union of all forces, only the convergence will change the current balance of power in Europe"   


European Left refers to the values and traditions of the socialist, communist and labour movement, of feminism, the feminist movement and gender equality, of the environmental movement and sustainable development, of peace and international solidarity, of human rights, humanism and antifascism, of progressive and liberal thinking, both nationally and internationally. We work together in the tradition of the struggles against capitalist exploitation, ecological destruction, political oppression and criminal wars, against fascism and dictatorship, in resistance to patriarchal domination and discrimination against "others".

Peace Alert is a CALL TO END AUSTERITY, ECONOMICAL DICTATORSHIP AND MILITARIZATION – all ingredients that create instability and break the peace, create the war. Peace alert is also a call to go further. Next autumn in September Helsinki we have a No to Nato No to War congress – let´s participate in it and continue the international spirit of Peace Alert in our future work.

In the End I wish to point out that world we live in needs new solidarity

The Party of the European Left supports the efforts for the peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem that will lead to the reunification of Cyprus and its people and will put an end to the occupation and division of the island.

As the Party of the European Left we denounce the Embargo policy of the United States towards Cuba as inhuman and illegitimate, which is why we urge to endorse the Cuban petition and to vote in favour to definitively finish with this blockade and that historic injustice. Moreover, we urge the European Union to withdraw from its Common Position.

European Left demands EU to stop the institutional complicity that the EU has with Israel, ending with the preferential trade agreement with this country, to make a clear and forceful denunciation of the siege which Israel subjected the Palestinian population and, on behalf of the peoples of Europe, intercede for the political solution of the conflict listening to the demands of the Palestinian people. The EL requests fulfill the mandates of the UN for the creation of a Palestinian state.

We support the right of Ukrainian people to control the resources of their own country and their rights for social protection. We are against the presence of any foreign forces on the soil of Ukraine and development aiming to ban function of the communist party.

We say no to increased spending on arms and military and to starting a new arms race. We say no to big international powers support to active military escalation of their partners. We call for an arms embargo against Israel and Ukraine. We demand that IMF stop for transfer of funds to Ukraine, as long as this war goes on.

EL express their solidarity with the struggle of the Sahrawi people for the liberation of the country. 

EL sees Bolivarian revolution and participatory democracy initiated by Commander Hugo Chávez, and continued for the last two years by Nicolas Maduro as important progressive steps not only for the people of Venezuela but for all the global radical left.    

Last Year European Left visited officially China. Mr. Zhang Jianguo, Deputy Director-General of the Bureau for Western European Affairs of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (IDCPC) received our delegation formed from 13 member parties and countries from EL. I´d like to consider Peace Alert as a fruitful outcome of our visit and the dialogue we could have among our representatives.

I warmly welcome all you present here, our International and national participants of Peace Alert to take floor at Peace building talks today in Helsinki


- Chinese Delegation from Chinese Peoples Association for Peace and Disarmament  led by Mr Tao Tao, - Swedish Peace Conucil and Agneta Norberg, vicepresident

- Cuban Embassy, Ambassador Enrique Orta

- Paletinian Embassy, Ambassador Taïssir Al Adjouri

- Tobias Pflüger
Vice chairman
Die Linke, Germany

- Diana Dar
Youth and Women Policy Coordinator
United Estonian Left

- Giovanna Capelli 
Member of European Left executive Board
Member of the Secretariat
Rifondazione Comunista, Italy

- Valev Kald
Member of Council of Chairpersons and Executive Board
European Left
Estonian United Le

and our Finnish co organizers Women For Peace, Artist for Peace, The Democratic Civic Association,

Welcome artists, activists, politicians and change makers

Let the Peace Talks take the Floor