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Meeting of the communist parties of the Nordic Region

20.06.2012 - 08:32
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
  • Tapio Siirilä
Mikhail Antropov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) speaking in the meeting of the northern communist parties in Tornio, Finland.

The representatives of the Northern organizations of the Communist Parties of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia have met in Tornio, Finland on the 16th and 17th of June 2012. We have discussed among others the peace and security of the Arctic regions and the development of the Northern area without damaging the environment and without disturbing the traditional style of life of the local people. We see that the neoliberal policies and capitalism means more and more exploitation of both people and natural resources.

In all actitivities the special sensitivity and vulnerablity of the Northern nature must be taken into account. In mining special care must be taken to prevent the pollution of the nearby rivers and lakes and to prevent any harm to the environment and to the people from dust or other impurities in the air. The products must be treated and refined as far as possible in the vicinity of the mines. This creates new job opportunities in the region and the traffic with lorries is minimised.

Turism shall be developed such that the most new jobs will be given to the local people. Building needed for the tourist services shall fit in the scenery such that the special features of the Northern nature are disturbed as little as possible. The services for the tourists shall be designed and implemented such that the adverse effects to the environment are minimised. Instead of snowmobiles the tourists should use dogs and reindeers.

Extraction of oil and gas in the Arctic sea is a serious threat to the environment. Cold weather, ice and storms makes the control of oil leaks very difficult. The experience shows that accidents and serious oil leaks happen in the production of oil. Because it is extremely difficult to guarantee a production with no leaks, the safety in the production of oil and gas in the Arctic regions must be taken very seriously. The safety of the people and the environment must be the first priority and must be guaranteed before starting any drillings. It is also important that fishing and other uses of the sea can and shall be developed in sustainable ways.

No to NATO

We are worried about the increased acitivity of NATO in the Northern regions and also the increased co-operation of Sweden and Finland with NATO. Instead if increased military presence we demand more co-operation between all countries in the Arctic region. With co-operation the Northern regions can be developed taking into account the special environment and other special features of the region.

The communist parties of the Northern region oppose strongly the enlargement of the NATO with new member countries, the increased activities of the NATO in the Arctic region and the integration of unallied countries like Finland and Sweden into military exercises and operations of the NATO.

NATO`s new concept and “out of area” strategy are only aimed to secure the economic and geopolitical interests of USA and EU. In Lisbon 2010 NATO decided on a new far more expansive and aggressive doctrine. From this decision they allow themselves to use military forces all over the world to secure energy resources and the access to them and to gain the control of the global capitalistic trade of oil and gas for the transnational monopoly companies. NATO is therefore revealed to be a huge threat against democracy and stability of the countries in the world.

We realize that this threat will, if NATO finds it necessary, be also aimed against our resources and against the autonomy and welfare in the Northern regions.

The conference concludes that the overall important struggle for our future and for the control of our lives is the permanent fight for peace and against NATO.

Alternative to austerity

The communist parties of Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden meeting in the city of Tornio, Finland support and are active part in the struggle of working people for social and democratic rights and for jobs, public services and social security - to stop the austerity policies and the attacks against democracy and the sovereignty of countries. The neoliberal policies of governments and organizations like the EU and the IMF, the capitalist appropriation and privatization and the greed and power of the finance capitalism have led into growing unemployment, poverty, insecurity, inequality and in the destruction of human and productive forces. This systemic crisis brings up the question of an alternative to this capitalist system and the need for a new type of development and for socialist perspectives. Only socialism can create the conditions for the eradication of wars, unemployment, hunger, the uncertainty of hundreds of millions of people and the destruction of the environment. Socialism is the future!

Tornio 17.6.2012

Communist Party of Finland, Laplands district organisation

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Murmansk region

Communist Party of Sweden