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Joint statement on the anticommunist resolution of OSCE

13.01.2010 - 16:57
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
We strongly condemn the adoption on 3 July, 2009 at the regular Parliamentary Assembly session of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vilnius (Lithuania) of a new anti-communist resolution titled «Divided Europe Reunited» which contains a gross distortion of history and denies the role of the Soviet Union in the victory over fascism. The resolution equates communism and fascism. Those who do so fail to remember that it was the Soviet Union that made the largest contribution to the liberation of Europe from fascism. The authors of the resolution -those falsifiers of history- pretend to have forgotten who gave away Czechoslovakia in 1938 in Munich which led to the elimination of the state independence of the country and to the fascist enslavement of the Czech and Slovak peoples.

Those who voted for the adoption of this resolution actually justify and encourage "a witch-hunt" against communists in several countries of the OSCE where communists are persecuted, their youth organisations prohibited and the parties prosecuted for the use of their traditional symbols.

Furthermore, the resolution offers great opportunities for the prosecution of communist ideology and the adoption of measures against communist parties.

At the same time, we witness the actual rehabilitation of the Nazis in a number of countries, including the country that hosted this session of the OSCE PA.

We cannot allow anyone to insult the memory of anti-fascists, participants in the Resistance movement, who lost their lives in the fight against Nazism.

The aggravation of anti-communism in Europe is not a transient phenomenon. It shows the fear of the ruling class over the exacerbation of the capitalist crisis and of the urgency of the demand to abolish capitalist exploitation and the need for fundamental society change acquire.

The working class, all workers, regardless of the extent of agreement or disagreement with the communists, must repulse decisively anti-communism bearers, as history has proven that anti-communist attacks foretell the onset of a general offensive against the social and democratic rights of the people.

Let us reply to the provocateurs and anti-communists through our joint struggle for workers' rights, for socialism.

PADS, Algeria
Communist Party of Argentina
Communist Party of Armenia
Communist Party of Bangladesh
Communist Party of Belarus
Workers' Party of Belgium
Communist Party of Brazil
Communist Party of Britain
New Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Bulgaria
Party of the Bulgarian Communists
Communist Party of Canada
AKEL, Cyprus
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of Denmark
Communist Party of Finland
Unified Communist Party of Georgia
German Communist Party
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Communist Workers' Party
Communist Party of India
Communist Party of India [Marxist]
Tudeh Party of Iran
Communist Party of Ireland
The Workers' Party of Ireland
Party of the Italian Communists
Party of the Communist Refoundation
Jordanian Communist Party
Socialist Party of Latvia
Lebanese Communist Party
Socialist Party of Lithuania
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Party of the Communists of Kirgizia
Communist Party of Macedonia
AKFM, Madagascar
Communist Party of Malta
Party of the Communists, Mexico
Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Communist Party of Norway
Communist Party of Pakistan
Peruan Communist Party
Philippine Communist Party -PKP 1930
Communist Party of Poland
Portuguese Communist Party
Romanian Communist Party
Communist Party of Soviet Union
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Russian Communist Workers' Party - Revolutionary Party of Communists
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Party of the Communists of Serbia
Communist Party of Slovakia
South African Communist Party
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communist Party of Spain
Party of the Communists of Catalonia
Communist Party of Sri-Lanka
Communist Party of Sweden
Syrian Communist Party
Communist Party of Turkey
Communist Party of Ukraine
Union of Communists of Ukraine
Communist Party of Uruguay
Communist Party, USA
Communist Party of Venezuela

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