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Growing Ball of Problems

16.06.2015 - 14:15
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
  • Picture Toivo Koivisto
  • Scott Caris
Diana Dar, Youth and Women Policy Coordinator, United Estonian Left

Diana Dar
Youth and Women Policy Coordinator
United Estonian Left

From the very beginning of so called rehabilitation if the independence of Estonia, 20th of August 1991, there were only right-wing parties in power. They have always denied any hints of left-wing parties, being playing on so called historical memory of Estonian nation. It means, that any left ideology they called Soviet (obviously terrible) occupational past and bind it to so called Russian time. Such tactic still works infallibly. The person who decides to follow such ideology and let himself say something about that, immediately falls under the attention of the authorities, because “the hammer and sickle” is the same as swastika by the law, and therefore forbidden to be worn and spread.

In Estonia there continues to exist inherently discriminatory electoral law: only citizens of Estonia can participate in parliamentary elections. However one-third of the structure of Estonian population are people, who hold other countries’ citizenship or alien’s citizenship, where most of them have Estonian residence permit. Consequently almost 30% of population of Estonia, people, who pay taxes, are deprived of one of the fundamental personal rights and freedoms – the right to vote and right to be elected. Thereby the potential power that could change the existing right-nationalist system is being suppressed. If you are not the resident or you don’t have any citizenship – you cannot join a political party and express your civic position.

Estonian society is also divided by language feature: Estonian speaking and Russian speaking people. These two communities coexist in a single legal field of the Estonian law, but in cultural, informative, social and political points they almost do not meet. Everything is done to, so called, separate fabled coasts and, using Media propaganda, embitter parties. The attack on Russian language is an ever expanding everyday practice and this is the effect of purposeful state politics, which is aimed at extrusion of Russian language even out of daily life. These all makes a big trouble. This politics embodiment outcome will actually affect all the life aspects of Russian-speaking community of Estonia and lead them to marginalization, loss of life orientation, subordinate position and non-competitiveness against the titular nation. If you are not Estonian and not loyal to local „proper history“ and „east neighbor aggression“ politics, you are welcome to leave Estonia, as they say: „suitcase, station“ and so on.

The situation is being redoubled by the fact of the following: there is almost no one of functioning political parties notices the growing ball of problems of international character. Legally the Estonian normative base had executed and reinforced the legal and factual inequality between the two linguistic communities of the country for decades, impeaching people who are not Estonian, equating them to the status of immigrants with a temporary situation. All the more so last time growing political and media propaganda about the assault of Russia on Baltic States reinforces the division of society into those who consider Russia as a number one enemy, and those who do not agree with that, namely "disagreed Russians". NATO's eastward expansion aggressive politics threats not only national safety of Russian Federation, but also international stability on the whole. Actively attracting to its ranks the former Allies of the USSR and also its allied republics, placing bases and missile defense systems (BMD) around the perimeter of Russia's borders, taking military operations on the territory of Russia friendly countries and holding a large-scale military exercise right in front of Moscow’s face, NATO clearly understands, that they play with fire on the whole European continent.

The expansion of NATO to the East of Europe, de jure, is the collective security for alliance’s member-countries. De facto – it is the loss of sovereignty of many European states. Going under the control of NATO, they accept all the terms of standardization of the armed forces. It means, they accept such significant aspects as diplomacy and intelligence. Infrastructure becomes an Alliance’s senior management and staying behind them USA’s priority. Also, the NATO military, gaining access to the heart of Europe, have provided the access to energy sources for their corporations. That’s why NATO is looking forward to patrol oil pipelines from the Caspian Sea. These are milliards of dollars, and who can count money so well if not Americans?

Nevertheless, Europe is not the one, who has been threatened by the NATO expansion. China and other Asian and Pacific Ocean region countries are also forced to increase their military capabilities, entering into NATO’s obtruded new arms race (missile defense systems). The Alliance’s aggressive actions can provoke anti-NATO Union creation in Asia. This, undoubtedly, can call out World’s destabilization and possibly, can lead to military conflicts.

That’s why only the integration of all who stands for Peace, who feels privations and hardships themselves, who is ready to join in the fight for equality, justice and respectable life, leads to the birth of political power, which will be capable to change the situation fundamentally.

In Estonia we already have such party and this party becomes stronger – this is the Left Party Of Estonia, the member of the European-Left. The party strongly criticizes the segmentation of history of nations and countries into „Proper“ and „Improper“. The party also treats some interpretations of historical facts with understanding, on the assumption of concrete political interests of different groups. However, the falsification of historical facts is unacceptable! The party finds, that just Russia has a factor of world wars and conflicts moderation, and that Vanga’s prophecy is already being come true: „Russian will again become the great empire, and primarily, the empire of the spirit“. „/…/Russia will become the great empire when death will stand together with alive ones“. – This is about May „Immortal Regiment” cortege, when 500 000 people in Moscow and more than 12 million people from all over the Russian Federation joined the line of Regiment and marched with photos of dead veterans…