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03.02.2007 - 09:36
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
Time has come to demand the redistribution of income, of work and decision-making power! The present politics aggravate poverty and increase inequality. They subdue Finland to EU financial power, push Finland into NATO and destroy nature.

It is useless to expect any change from the same parties, which bear the responsibility for the present state of affairs and which have repeatedly broken their electoral promises.

The Communist Party of Finland wishes to open ways to influence for those whose voice is not heard in the present decision-making process. Join our efforts to bring a real Left and Red-Green alternative to the Parliament, which is presently missing there.

Raise the basic income to 800 Euros per month

Over 600 000 Finns have an income below the EU poverty threshold. Unemployment benefits, study grants, family allowances and pensions see their level reduced, although Finland is wealthier then ever before in the past. Finland with people queuing fro bread is not a well-fare State.

The CPF is demanding a guaranteed basic income of at least 800 Euros per month non-taxable for unemployed, students, pensioners and others who have no access to any other income. Any monthly income that is under 1000 Euros must be tax exempted. A minimum salary of 1 300 Euros must be guaranteed by law. Regulation of rent must be restored.

For a redistribution of income from capital in favor of employees and employment

The political parties in the Parliament have opened the door to the greed of the wealthy. The amounts of dividends, which are the proceeds of labour, distributed by companies have grown ten fold in ten years. The wealthy benefited of tax alleviations.

The CPF demands the increase of salaries and of their share in the GDP. It is particularly important to raise the low salaries of the sectors employing mainly women.

The concentration of wealth in the hands of financial speculators at the expense of the vast majority must be brought to an end. Capital income must be taxed in the same way as wages are.

An ever-growing number of persons are exhausted because of a growing burden at work, while hundreds of thousand are without work or have to survive with the help of precarious jobs. We demand shorter working hours without pay loss and the creation of new jobs. Collective mass dismissals and the artificial use of precarious forms of employment must stop.

For neighborhood services and local democracy

The majority of Finns wish to develop municipal services and to expand the possibilities for inhabitants to be heard. Nevertheless, the political parties represented in Parliament from the Coalition Party to the Left Alliance pursue a municipal reform the aim of which is to reduce local services, to downsize the personnel, to terminate a high number of municipalities and to privatize services. This is also a major attack on women's rights.

The CPF demands that neighborhood services be guaranteed as a fundamental human right. As a general rule basic services must be produced by the municipalities themselves. Local authorities must increase the number of permanent employees and improve their remuneration level. State funding of local authorities must be restored at the previous level and capital income must be taxed at municipal level too. We reject the forceful regrouping of municipalities and we wish to develop participative local democracy.

Stop the climate change

The climate change shows dramatically how global capitalism threatens the existence of all humanity. The economic and political elite have subdued the well being of humans and nature to economic competition and search for profit.

Finland must show the way, how to combat climate change. Saving energy and renewable sources of energy is a solution, which is more secure, less costly and more employment intensive than nuclear power. Public transport must be developed, in particular the railway. Profits of energy companies must be cut and the production of energy must be placed under State and municipal control.

100 years of voting rights is not enough

It is a shame that Parliament decided during the year, which marked the centenary of the adoption of general and equal voting rights in Finland to approve the EU Constitutional Treaty, which reduces democracy and increases the power of money over people. The EU exacerbates inequality in Finland, in Europe and in the world.

The CPF opposes the European Union as well as the proposed Constitutional Treaty. We want to build a different Europe, in which the well being of people and nature are more important than the profits and stock exchange rates of big corporations.

Against War and NATO

Wars and the arms' race generate death in various parts of the world. The fights for oil, other natural resources and for world supremacy are disguised under the lies of freedom. Ever greater amounts of money are spent on the arms' race, depriving humanity of these resources which cold be allocated to well being and security.

The CPF is firmly opposed to Finland joining NATO as well as to Finland's participation in the EU battle groups. Finnish troops must be withdrawn from NATO led war operations in Afghanistan. We demand the end of the US led occupation war in Iraq and that actions be taken to prevent new wars.

Draw a red line in the upcoming elections!

We call on all those who face difficulties and wish for a change. Together we can make these elections into a protest and make our demand for a change of political direction widely known.
Demand redistribution - draw a red line!