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Communists acting together!

01.09.2015 - 15:57
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
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Communists acting together!

The Central Council of the Communist Workers Party (CWP) issued a general invitation in May this year to all communists for increasing their mutual cooperation and for building a united front in the struggle against capitalism and in creating the conditions for socialism. As a result, the political bureau of the CWP suggested to the Communist Party of Finland (CPF) and the Communist League Finland that they begin negotiations on working together.

The CPF welcomes the invitation and discussions on its basis and believes it is needed. Cooperation among communists is necessary because the growing threats created by international capitalism demand that there is a counter force, and communists essentially have common goals.

The CPF believes that now is the time to search for opportunities to build cooperation rooted in substantive issues and debate rooted in trust between communists. Joint statements, proposals for action or campaign initiatives are some of the possibilities for specific forms of joint cooperation. For example, the austerity policy of the right-wing Sipilä, Soini, Stubb government, a social contract, opposition to Nato and the threat of war in general could be issues on which it would be possible to find common positions.

The situation in society requires that communist forces come together and analyse what is happening. Cooperation could be an important component in the development of a broader mass movement, and would contribute to bringing together the forces of the labour movement to counter the right-wing assault.

In terms of the success of the effort and cooperation, it is important that all communists are involved as equal actors and that a situation does not come about where one faction dominates over the rest. The identity of the different parties and groups must be respected. The CPF believes that the most important thing at the moment is the building of joint action against capitalism on the basis of clear and substantive issues. Activities should be built up not only from the top but also among local actors.

The CPF’s Central Committee mandates its political bureau to agree on the practical measures for continuing with the negotiations and building joint activity. The political bureau will report back to the Central Committee on the state of progress of the cooperation negotiations.