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Arctic Initiative gathers Researchers, Politicians, Artists and NGO-activists in Helsinki 6.6.

24.05.2016 - 09:58
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 15:54)
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Josef Baum speaks at Arctic Initiative in Helsinki 6.6.2016

International global neoliberal plans to exploit the natural resources hit the Arctic. Confrontation of the NATO and Russia is present. Indigenous rights are oppressed by the interests of the big capital. Time urges political parties, civil society, NGO´s, environmental – human rights and peace organizations, academic people,  investigators and researchers, workers, artists, intellectuals and activists to make a statement and participate in common discussion about environment-security and human right issues in the Arctic. That is why Communist Party of Finland and Euorpean Left have invited political parties, NGO´s, civil societies activists – environmental- peace- and human rights / indigenous rights organizations, workers and individual activists to discuss the Arctic and three main topics; Security, Environment and Indigenous Rights.

Josef Baum, researcher from the University of Vienna opens debate from the environments point of view. Please read here a “teaser” for Baum´s intervention. Welcome to Kirjan talo, Kirjatyöntekijän katu 10 on Monday 6. of June at 10.00 o’clock.

Josef Baum:

There are many regions in Europe which are and will be suffering by rapid climate change above average: one is the Arctic. As for most people and regions in the world - also for the Arctic the main causes of climate change have been almost solely originating from outside. The Arctic is a very sensitive socio-ecological region. The (cold) Arctic has become global hot spot in global climate change dynamics because of strong self-accelerating processes and fundamental global repercussions.

The effects of the melting ice have only minor, short-term positive aspects for economic development in relation to the far greater long-term environmentally destructive developments in the Arctic region. The IPCC forecasts ”unprecedented challenges for northern communities“, “in combination with globalization” there will be “large effects on Arctic communities, especially “where narrowly based economies leave a  smaller range of adaptive choices“. There will be also significant health implications. - Changes until now are significant but they are almost very small in relation to the scientifically forecasted coming tremendous changes in this century.  - Neoliberal deregulation during the last 35 years also triggered the increase of regional and social disparities in the Arctic.

“Fossil capital” has resulted in a “lock-in”–situation which sooner or later will entail fast or slow devaluation. In times of climate change we meet energy patterns have changed irreversibly. So instead of dead-end streets with a ”curse of resources”: Leave the fossil fuel in the Arctic seabed! But the actual EU-policy on the Arctic is stuck within a  corporate orientated framework: Commodification, fossil lock-in and geopolitical interests are prevailing.

Inspired by the positive example of the Antarctic treaties: pro a moratorium of exploiting of (fossil) resources and demilitarization of the Arctic; and a real sustainable development: Regarding the tight relationship - generally and especially also for the Arctic – between exploitation of man, exploitation of nature and militarisation, in a dialectic manner the consistent perspective is a society of solidarity and harmony with nature and peace.


is a joint initiative of the Environmental Working Group of the Party of the European Left and the Communist Party of Finland to invite 6.6.2015 in Helsinki to an Open Forum; political parties of the European Left and  the Arctic region, activists of the civil society in Arctic Region countries and Europe, NGO´s, environmental – Indigenous rights and peace organizations, academic people,  investigators and researchers, artists, intellectuals and activists in the Arctic Region countries and Europe to discuss three topics; security, environment and human rights.

Each participant brings own knowledge to the common understanding and argumentation, has possibility to make proposals for common actions and can participate in the debate.

Baum, Josef, Economist, geographer; interdisciplinary senior researcher at the Department of East Asian Studies -University of Vienna, Austria, member of board of Transform! Austria and member of the EL Environmental group

Brodine, Marc, activist, writer and artist.Chairman of the National Environmental Commission of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), member of the CPUSA National Committee and National Board, USA

Harle Ritva, Community Artist, Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (PAND), Finland

Heininen, Lassi, Professor Arctic Politics, University of Lapland

Kaikkonen, Riikka, member of EL Environmental WG, Communist Party of Finland, Finland

Kiviharju,  Merikukka, Singer and song writer, Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (PAND), Finland

Mola, Maite, Vice President of the EL, Communist Party of Spain, Spain

Muccigrosso, Piera, Political secretary, EL Office, Brussels, Italy/Belgium

Nielsen, Hjørdis,  Communist Party in Denmark, Denmark

Peralta, Nelson,  member of EL Environmental WG, Left Bloc , Portugal

Polyakoff, Victor,  Member of EL Executive Board, United Estonian Left, Estonia

Raffini, Davide, Political Secretary, EL Office, Brussels, Belgium

Rasmussen, Bjarne, International sekretary, Communist Party  of Denmark, Denmark

Reppesgaard, Harald, chief-editor of "Frihten" newspaper and vice-chairman of the  Communist Party of Norway, Norway

Scheringer-Wright Johanna, doctor, member of EL Environmental WG, Die Linke, Germany 

Tapio Siirilä, Lapland Regional Political Secretary of the Communist Party of Finland, Finland

Wright Mike, member of EL Environmental WG, Die Linke, Germany

Väisänen, JP (Juha-Pekka), Chairman of the Communist Party of Finland, EL Executive Board, Finland

Zorikhin-Nilsson, Ilya, International Secretary Communist Party of Sweden, Sweden

( List is ”under construction”)